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My wife and I were married on October 15, 1994. I was 22 and she was 19. Like most newlyweds we were not really in a big hurry to start a family. We were just happy to be married so we decided to wait for children. And wait we did. Even after we decided it was time for children we kept waiting. And waiting. And when we were done waiting, we waited some more.

In fact I was 37 years old before the fateful day my wife came in and announced she was pregnant. I still remember that day and what I said to her as well. I was totally taken by surprise. After all those years of marriage I was about to talk to her about adoption because it seemed, for whatever reason, the Lord was not going to give us any natural children.

So now we have a son. I thought I knew a lot about parenting because of studying the Bible. In one sense I did but in another I was clueless. You see I had a lot of theoretical knowledge but not practical. Now I am having to match theory with practice and it is not always easy.

This blog, however, is not primarily dedicated to raising a child or children. This blog is to share some insights I have gained on how God might look at us as his children. I hope you enjoy it.