Another Uh-oh! Moment-Two Rules You should know

Parents Can Never Be In The Other Room

If you don’t have children you may not know this. If you do have children you probably do know this. My question to you who do have is why you didn’t warn me! You see parents can never be in the other room. Ever! This leads to our first axiom. Everything happens while you are in the other room. Walls get written in. Babies fall and get hurt. Things get broken. Cokes get spilled.

I was reminded of this rule first-hand again today. I went to the other room. I was only going to be gone a moment. In that moment several things happened. The first was Elijah spilled my coke. Now I would have sworn it was pushed close enough to be out of reach but it wasn’t. That leads us to axiom number two, It is never out of reach!

Now this in and of itself was not that amazing. I should have expected it. I came back into the room to the sight of my just-the-right-temperature coke (You know what I mean when its somewhere between a coke and an icey!) running off the dining room table. This is where the surprising part came in. I have no idea how he did but he had sat the can back upright. Considering he can barely get his eyes over the table I was impressed by his coordination. The really amazing part was he gave it a little shove and looked at me like I didn’t do it!

Now I didn’t get too mad, after all there no use crying over spilled coke.


About aldaraan

I am a Missionary Baptist Pastor, a husband and a father. I love my God, my church, my family and my country.

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