When the Children Cry (Part Three)

In the previous blogs on this subject, When the Children Cry, I opened a discussion on why children have to suffer. In Part One I discussed the fact that children do indeed suffer including some specific cases I have heard of. In Part Two I reminded everyone that the world we live in today is not the same as the one God created for man. That world was perfect without sorrow or suffering. In this section I will discuss why the world is the way it is today and who really caused it to happen. If you would like to read those sections click here.

When God created the Garden of Eden everything in it was good. It had a purpose. It was perfectly suited to its purpose. It carried out its purpose. This included the first man and woman ever created, Adam and Eve. Unfortunately Adam and Eve were not satisfied with what God had given them. They decided to try it their own way despite the warnings that God gave them and the wonderful relationship they had not only with their environment but God himself.

Besides myself, Tracy and Elijah we have a rabbit. This rabbit does not live outside. It is a house bunny. Just in case you didn’t know bunnies make great house pets! Our particular bunny is named Sydney.

When Elijah decided to get up and start walking, really when he was only crawling I guess, we knew we had to keep him from driving Sydney crazy. Not only did we need to keep him from driving her crazy we were afraid he might poke his hands into her house and get nipped. (Sydney does not have a cage, she has a “house” because if we tell her its a cage it might hurt her feelings. Don’t ask me. Ask Tracy.) Sydney is not a biter but she has been known to take a nip to get your attention.

Also we did not want Elijah to stick his fingers in and hurt Sydney by poking her in the eye. This might not be a reasonable fear but I am always paranoid about little children being too rough with pets.

To prevent this we use Elijah’s toy boxes and a toy car garage to keep him separate from Sydney’s house. We have told him often not to try to get to Sydney’s house. We are not trying to be mean to him. We are not even trying to keep him completely separate from Sydney. In fact, when we let her out, we let him help corral her into the bedroom where she spends her free time. We are trying to keep both he and Sydney safe. It’s for their own good.

One day I was home with Elijah and in the other room. I was putting some laundry in the washer or something like that when I heard a cry. I ran back into the living room and found Elijah laying completely stretched out on one of the toy boxes, his little arms and legs flailing while I looked up at me with a pitiful expression and tears rolled down his face. He had been doing what I told him not to do and it did not work out very well for him. I couldn’t help but laugh though. He looked like a little turtle caught on a rock whose feet wouldn’t touch the ground and found himself stuck. Of course I picked him up and caressed him. I was sure he had learned his lesson and would not do that again!

I was wrong, of course. A few weeks later I was again at home with Elijah and I was in the other room again and guess what he did? You know it. I heard the cry and went to check and there he was in the toy box again. This time, however, his foot was stuck in the toys and he was trying to pull himself out while he cried. Maybe it was cruel but I had my cell phone on me so I snapped a pic before I got him out.

It is very frustrating when either my wife or I try to tell Elijah something and he does not listen. Of course he’s young so this is not surprising but it’s still frustrating. Everything we tell him not to do is for his own good. Everything we tell him to do is for his own good, at least as far as we can know. Of course parents have been doing this for a long time with similar results.

When I was young my parents had a lot of rules. I thought some of them were stupid. Honestly, I thought my parents were kind of stupid but the older I got the wiser they got.  I have talked to a lot of people my age and older and found out they felt the same way about their parents and came to the same conclusions. Of course this is not the case every time but if you are a young person thinking you know everything remember the generation before you felt the same way. And the generation before that. And so on and so forth all the way back to the first child, Adam. Maybe you are the exception. I doubt it though.

My wife and I were having lunch with one of the church members one Sunday at her house. She had a teen-age daughter. Because she had a teen-age daughter she also had a magnet on her refrigerator that I will never forget. It simply said, “Move out now while you still know everything.” How apt for teenagers and a lot of others too. It applied to Adam as well. Even though God gave him everything he needed, he decided to move out of God’s will. He also moved out of God’s protection.

In Part Four we will examine both how he moved out and what happened when he did.


About aldaraan

I am a Missionary Baptist Pastor, a husband and a father. I love my God, my church, my family and my country.

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