When The Children Cry (Part Four)

Thanks for stopping by. This is Part Four of an article called when the Children Cry. If you have not read parts one through three click here.

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.
Genesis 2:17 KJV

God gave us boundaries for our own good

God had only one rule for Adam. He was not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It should have been easy for him to keep. He had plenty of other trees to eat from. It is not like he was starving to death. But even that one law was too much for him to follow. You can debate why Adam decided to do what he did. There may be multiple answers but in the end there is one answer that is at the foundation. Pride. He had heard what God said. He had no reason to doubt what God said but maybe he doubted that God could carry out what he had said. Maybe he doubted God’s word. Adam, at the root, thought he knew what was better for himself than God did.

So he ate of the fruit and when he did he found himself in a whole new world. In one sense the promise of the serpent, who said they would be as Gods, was true.  Adam had created a whole new world. Well, maybe created is not the right word. He had taken a world that was ideally suited for him and created a wold of problems. The world that had once worked with him would now work against him.

The world was not the only problem though. Before he had eaten the fruit he and God had walked in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the evening. Can you imagine that?  Eve asks Adam, “Honey, where are you going?” Adam answers, “It’s time for my walk with God.” Can you imagine the joy? Not just the joy Adam felt but the joy God felt!

Elijah is happy baby, most of the time. Of course he has his moments when he’s not but for the most part he is laughing and smiling. He normally smiles at everyone! But Tracy says he has a special smile for me. At some point before he could walk but after he could crawl he developed a habit. If he saw me go outside he would go to the bannister at the stairs. We of course had a gate to keep him from going down the stairs. There at the bannister he would yell for me, not a crying type yell but the kind of yell babies make to get your attention before they have learned to use words. The smile and the reaction I would get are so precious. Even today, when the door opens he will run to the bannister and yell “Daddy!” He’s glad to see me and I am glad to see him. I imagine Adam and God felt much the same way when they shared their walk in the garden.

When Adam took that bite it was over.

One day Tracy, Elijah and I were out at my mom and dad’s for our biweekly family gathering. My niece Alexia, who was and is adjusting to no longer being the only child in her family, was doing something her mother told her not to do. My sister took her for a little walk to the bedroom. As you might imagine neither mommy nor Alexia were very happy. While the two were in the other room I could hear my sister explaining that Alexia needed to listen or some such thing. Then it got kind of quiet. All of a sudden I heard Alexia cry out in that voice that is half-way between crying and talking, “Bad mommy!”

I thought I would die laughing. Here was my sister telling my niece why she was in trouble and I was just certain Alexia was accusing her of being a bad mommy. It’s just like something she would do. She is a sharp little five year old and can really crack you up! She is also very sweet, praying for the babies in mommy and Tracy’s bellies and taking the time at the hospital one night that to tell me she loved Tracy, and Elijah and me. This without prompting.

When my sister came back into the living room we, my brother and I, had to tease her a little bit about being a bad mommy. It’s a long standing tradition because she is the baby of the family and that is what older brothers do. I try to be careful, however, not to contradict her parenting. She is mommy and I am uncle. It’s her job to discipline her child not mine. This doesn’t mean if I thought she was making a very serious mistake I would not talk to her about it. However, I would not talk to her about it in front her daughter or any one else for that matter. Some matters need to be handled privately. I have never seen the need to have one of those talks though.

After we teased her a little she explained that during her little talk she asked Alexia what happened when she was bad. The answer was bad mommy. Alexia had not been calling her mother a bad mommy she had been answering her question. Evidently bad mommy is a code word for if you keep it up you are going to get into trouble.

Look for my next post when I find Bad Daddy…



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