Mr Cowfish (Part Two)

If you haven’t read Mr Cowfish Part One start here: Mr Cowfish (Part One)

My original impression of Mr Cowfish was that he was one odd creature. I was not sure I liked him at all. I was afraid he might confuse Elijah. Mr Cowfish is also pretty ugly.

Elijah, however, seemed pretty fond of him. He would hold on to Mr Cowfish quite a bit when we were in the car. Of course, as a child, he would eventually get tired of him and throw him down. Unfortunately this was often followed by crying because he didn’t have Mr Cowfish anymore. I guess that is the nature of children.

It is also the nature of a lot of Christians too. We try to hold onto Jesus. Then something better comes along and we put him down. Or we get distracted and put him down. Maybe we just get bored or tired of holding onto him and put him down. Either way, we often end up crying because we want him back. That was one lesson I learned from Mr Cowfish.

As I said, Elijah loved Mr Cowfish. I was less certain. He was not a toy I would have toy I would have bought. He was not a toy I would have given a second glance unless it were to say that he was one ugly toy. In fact, if I had to place Mr Cowfish in a category of toys, it would be the Island of Misfit toys with the cowboy riding an ostrich and the train with square wheels and all the other rejected toys from the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special.

Now there is one more thing you need to know about Mr Cowfish. Mr Cowfish is a traveler. He likes to go places. He has been all over the state of Indiana. Mr Cowfish is also a bit of a rebel. He likes to jump out of the car and strike out on his own.

As a pastor, sometimes I get invited to preach at churches other than the one I pastor in Columbus, Indiana . On one occasion I was invited to preach at a revival in Kokomo, Indiana. I live in Franklin, Indiana and if you are familiar with Indiana you know Franklin and Kokomo are not close. It is a one to two hour trip between the two.

What a blessing

I had been driving from Franklin to Kokomo and back every day to preach even though the church had offered to get me a hotel.I appreciated the offer but my wife and Elijah were unable to go with me and stay all week so I wanted to go back home and be with them each night even though they were often asleep when I got there. There is just something about knowing those you love most are close. I imagine that Jesus feels much the same way about us. We should feel the same way about him unfortunately we do not always appreciate his being close. Fortunately He is never far away.

Saturday night, however, my wife Tracy and Elijah got to go with me. I was excited about being in church with my family. The church was also excited because they had never met Elijah and everyone loves a baby right?

After church the pastor and his wife, Steve and Doreen, as sweet and Christian a couple as you could ever want to meet, invited us to get something to eat. It was going to be a late dinner. Tracy and I still  had to drive home, at least a one and half hour trip, and then get up again in the morning in time to make the trip back up in time to be at church by 11. But we wanted to spend some time with fellow Christians and people we had come to truly love.

So we headed to Culver’s, a place most people know for its ice cream but I have come to love for its wonderful butter burgers. We truly enjoyed our meal with Steve and Doreen and not just because of the good food. They are, as I said, great people. They are the type of loving couple that makes you wish you could be more like them. We do not get to see them much but we still consider them good friends. In fact, they are partly responsible for that avalanche of toys I mentioned. They bought Elijah one of his first toys before he was even born. And yes it was a noisy one!

Steve and Doreen seemed to really enjoy dinner too, especially getting to play with Elijah.

Because we were going to be inside eating a while and Elijah was still very young, less than a year, we decided to take Mr Cowfish in to keep him company. This is where the trouble started. When we all decided to leave Mr Cowfish decided to stay. Of course he neglected to mention that decision to us and we did not even find out till we had driven all the way home!

Continued here: Mr Cowfish (Part Three)


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I am a Missionary Baptist Pastor, a husband and a father. I love my God, my church, my family and my country.

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