Mr Cowfish (Part One)

To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.
Ephesians 1:6 KJV

I pastor a small church. In my mind all the church members, in fact all saved people everywhere, are family by the blood of Christ that unites us. But in this particular church we have a lot of natural family members too. We have grandparents, children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Of course that means we also have in-laws.

In-laws get a bad name in our society I am afraid. I know there are bad in-laws out there, the dreaded beast of a mother-in-law and the overbearing father-in-law. In my case, however, I can honestly say (no they don’t blog so I am not getting any points for saying this!) that my in-laws are great. I hope my wife can say the same.

Be that as it may I was preaching on the aforementioned verse of scripture one day and I as using the stereotypical hated in-laws relationship as an example. I had pointed out that parents-in-law often have little influence or input into who their prospective son-in-law is. Then I went on point out that if you love your daughter, though, you will have to accept the son-in-law too. He might not be what you wanted. He might not even be good but because of your daughter  you will accept him.

Elijah starting to develop mobility. Lord help us!

I could tell the sermon was having a good effect on some of the people. In fact, one of the deacons seemed particularly touched. I could tell the Lord was driving home the point by his Holy Spirit far better than my words could have alone. When I mentioned you might even hate your son-in-law but you will accept him because you love your daughter he let out a big AMEN! The moment he did so I happened to be looking at his son-in-law who is also a member of the church. As you might imagine the son-in-law was a little taken aback to hear his father-in-law agreeing so forcefully with the idea that you could hate your son-in-law for who he was but love him because of who he belonged to.

Now in the deacons defense he knew where I was headed with the message. He had seen already that I wasn’t really concerned about loving the in-laws, though this is good thing. I was illustrating how our relationship to the Heavenly Father is based not on our good works, which are as filthy rags, but because we belong to Jesus who has purchased us with his own blood.

Still I have to admit, it was pretty funny. I did make sure the son-in-law understood his father-in-law was agreeing with our standing in the Lord and not His standing in the family.

Which brings us to Mr. Cowfish. Like every parent today I found my house invaded by toys even before our son arrived. It’s like there’s been an avalanche on toy mountain and all the ice and snow has buried our living room. I am thankful people love us and our son, don’t get me wrong. But if we get many more toys I will have to open a ToysRUs in my garage.

There are some of Elijah’s toys I like better than others. You parents know the ones I am talking about, the ones that don’t make noise! I knew when my wife was buying noisy toys for every child she ever gave a gift to that the day would come when I would regret it. That day has come!

Most of Elijah’s toys stay in the house, as you might imagine. But there is one that goes in the car. We call him Mr Cowfish.  I don’t know where Mr Cowfish came from. I don’t know who made him. I don’t know who conceived the idea of a creature like Mr. Cowfish.

Mr Cowfish, the very apt name my wife gave this particular toy, is part cow and part fish. He has a body shaped like a fish but is white with black spots like a cow. If you squeeze him he moos! Which only makes sense if you want a toy that makes noise because outside of Finding Nemo I don’t think fish make noise.

Mr Cowfish rides in the car almost all of the time. The only time he doesn’t ride in the car is when he jumps out of the car, which I will get to in my next blog…

Mr Cowfish Part Two


About aldaraan

I am a Missionary Baptist Pastor, a husband and a father. I love my God, my church, my family and my country.

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  1. Oh, I did laugh at this, while having lunch at a rather public place, so tried hard to laugh quietly and did NOT choke on my food. Yea!
    Of course, I read the whole thing and your point is right on.
    My husband also preaches at a small church, and I could just imagine their reactions to such statements. I am glad for you that you received good reactions! 🙂
    I truly hope you receive permission to repost the post you most recently mentioned, but will open that at home. Warning taken.
    Great start on this site! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind comments. I hope to continue posting at least once a day but its hard work! No one told me that before I started blogging! And bless you and your husband for the work he does. A small church can be hard. I have told my church from the pulpit that I want to pastor a bigger church but I always follow it with the statement I don’t want a different church. I just want this one to grow! Not to big though 🙂

    • Oh, I love that “want to pastor a bigger church” ! 🙂 Will pass that on. Actually, since he took the job, it has roughly tripled in attendance, but still is quite small, around 40 on good days.
      Blogging gets faster as you get used to it. Steep learning curve, like riding a bike, but then it becomes ho-hum. Except for being careful to write the right stuff.
      I like writing something really long and posting it in 3 or 5 parts. You can schedule the whole thing to appear in bits and pieces over the course of a week. Maybe you do that already, but it gets me through busy weekends quite well. Also love that I can set it to deliver everything to my inbox so I can see if I need to go to it or not and can even relpy to comments as if they were email. Yea!

      • Forty of fifty is about our normal. We don’t have a lot of members but the ones we do have you can count on to show up which is a great blessing.

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